2022-23 Annual Report

The Grocery Code Independent Reviewer, Chris Leptos AO, has released his annual report for 2022-23.

The annual report sets out the Independent Reviewer’s activities for the reporting period and outlines key findings from the 2023 annual survey of Code Signatories and suppliers, which was conducted from 22 August 2023 to 3 October 2023.

For each of the comparable survey questions this year, the Signatories received a ranking based on the feedback they received from their suppliers. Overall, the results were as follows:

1st place – Aldi | 2nd place – Metcash | 3rd Place – Coles | 4th Place – Woolworths

This year marks the first year the Independent Reviewer’s annual report is accompanied by an interactive dashboard (available below) - this is a world first for the Australian grocery sector. The dashboard provides users the capability to investigate the supplier survey results so they can gain deeper insights into the commercial dealings between the grocery retailers/wholesalers and their suppliers. The purpose is to foster enhanced competition in the sector by providing a metric Code Signatories can compete on to promote healthy relationships across the grocery sector.


2022-23 Annual Report PDF 2.09 MB

2022-23 Annual Report DOCX 10.58 MB