Code Arbiter reports


The Code Arbiter's role is to deal with complaints that arise in relation to the conduct of retailers and wholesalers towards suppliers.

Code Arbiters have the authority to resolve supplier complaints and issue binding compensation orders of up to $5 million.


The Code Arbiters’ responsibilities are:

  • to develop a written complaints handling procedure that is consistent with the Code and act in accordance with that procedure.
    This procedure, and any updates from its annual review results must be:
    1. provided to the respective retailer/wholesaler and the Independent Reviewer, and
    2. published on the respective retailer/wholesaler’s website
  • to take all reasonable steps to:
    1. investigate a complaint, and
    2. conclude an investigation within 20 business days (this may be extended with the written agreement of the supplier)
  • observe any confidentiality requirements relating to information disclosed or obtained in dealing with, or resolving a complaint, and not disclose to the retailer or wholesaler the identity of a supplier who has made a complaint, except with the express consent of the supplier, and
  • determine what (if any) action should be taken by the retailer or wholesaler in response to the complaint after an investigation and inform the supplier in writing of their determination.

As of 3 December 2020, all Code Signatories appointed their respective Code Arbiters.

Woolworths Code Arbiter Annual Report

Woolworths Arbiter
Helen McKenzie
0499 885 090

Aldi Code Arbiter Annual Report

Aldi Arbiter
Bronwyn Gallacher
0433 292 777

Metcash Code Arbiter Annual Report

Metcash Arbiter
Martin Shakinovsky
0416 235 766